About Us

Based in the beautiful multi-cultural city of Leicester, Victory Training Academy was established in 2017. The directors are passionate learners, with people at heart.

We are one of the leading health and social care training providers in the UK.

Our Mission

Improving people’s lives through simple, meaningful professional skills training to enrich their lives and realize their full potential.

Our Values

‘A person who does not read has no advantage over a person who can’t read’ – Mark Twain

 We strongly believe in continuous improvement and in personal development.

  1. That which we touch will be better than we found it.
  2. Seeing people getting better and developing in life is the greatest joy to us.
  3. We are a team, and we belong to one to another, the success of one is the success of all.
  4. We add value to the lives of people through quality training and continuous improvement in what we do.
  5. We do not know everything; we learn from others and we do not stop learning.

Our Business Values

  • Adopting Best Practice
  • Continuous improvement to maintain high standards of service.
  • Continuous staff training
  • Provision of a safe working environment for our employees and clients.
  • Equal opportunities for our staff regardless of race or gender