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Specialist Courses for Nurses and Health Care Assistance

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1.Advanced Airway Management£84.881 day
2.Autism Spectrum Disorder£64.99½ day
3.Basic Life Support (With UK RC Guidelines)£84.881 day
4.Blood Sugar Management£64.991 day
5.Blood Transfusion Training£64.991 day
6.Buccal Midazolam Management£84.881 day
7.Care Certificate (15 Standards)£150.003 days
8.Caring for People with Motors-Neuron Disease£64.991 day
9.Caring patients after STROKE£64.991 day
10.Caring patients with Multiple Sclerosis£64.991 day
11.Catheterisation Male & Female£140.001 day
12.Communication Passport£64.99½ day
13.Conflict Management£64.99½ day
14.COVID -19 and Infection Prevention£64.99½ day
15.Defibrillation£120.00½ day
16.Dementia Care£64.99½ day
17.Diabetes & Insulin Awareness£84.88½ day
18.Duty of Care£64.99½ day
19.ECG Training£140.00½ day
20.Effective Communication£64.99½ day
21.Emergency First Aid (Basic Life Support)£76.88½ day
22.End of Life Care & Bereavement£64.99½ day
23.Enema and Suppositories Insertion£84.88½ day
24.Epilepsy Management£64.99½ day
25.Equality & Diversity£64.99½ day
26.Fire Safety£64.99½ day


27.Food Hygiene£64.99½ day
28.Handling Information£64.99½ day
29.Health and Safety£64.99½ day
30.Hickman Line£84.88½ day
31.Incontinence Management£84.88½ day
32.Infection Control£64.99½ day
33.Learning Disability and Autism£64.99½ day
34.Lone Worker£64.99½ day
35.Makaton£64.991 day
36.Managing challenging behaviour (Basic)£64.99½ day
37.Mandatory Training£76.881 day
38.Manual Evacuation of Faeces£84.88½ day
39.Manual Moving and Handling£64.991 day
40.Measure/record intake/output of fluids£64.99½ day
41.Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults£64.99½ day
42.Safeguarding Children£64.99½ day
43.Safe Handling of Medication£64.99½ day
44.Mental Capacity Act & DoLS£64.99½ day
45.Monitoring/Recording Blood Sugar£64.99½ day
46.Neurological Observation£64.99½ day
47.Nutrition and Hydration£64.99½ day
48.Pain Management in End-of-Life Care£64.99½ day
49.PECS -Picture Exchange Communication System£64.99½ day
50.Person Centred Care£64.99½ day
51.Phlebotomy (Venepuncture)£140.001 day
52.Pressure Care Management£84.881 day
53.Prevention, Management of Violence, Aggression & Restrain Techniques. (PMVART)  £140.00  1 Day
54.Principles of person-centred care 1& 2£64.99½ day
55.Role of a care worker£64.99½ day
56.Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults£64.99½ day
57.Self-Harm£64.99½ day
58.Suturing of wounds and lacerations£64.991 day
59.Syringe Driver Management£120.001 day
60.The role of a Home Care Worker£64.99½ day
61.Venepuncture & Cannulation£140.001 day
62.Taking, Recording & Monitoring Vital Observations (BP, Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Blood Sugar, Weight, Urinalysis etc)£84.88½ day
63.Personal Development  £64.99½ day
63.Safeguarding Lead£76.88½ day


1.Respiratory diseases, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma£84.88½ day
2.Naso gastric tube feeding£84.88½ day
3.Acquired Brain injury£84.88½ day
4.Tracheostomy Care£84.88½ day
5.Nebulisation Therapy£84.88½ day
6.Suction (Oral, Nasopharyngeal, Oropharyngeal, Tracheostomy)£84.88½ day
7.Stoma Care£84.88½ day
8.CPAP & BiPAP£84.88½ day
9.Gastrostomy or Jejunostomy Care (PEG/PEJ and PEG-J) and Enteral Feeding£84.88½ day
10.Non-Invasive Ventilation£84.88½ day
11.Spinal cord injuries£84.88½ day
12.Bladder care including catheter care£84.88½ day
13.Assisted cough£84.88½ day
14.Autonomic dysreflexia£84.88½ day
15.Bowel management & manual bowel evacuation£84.88½ day
16.Mitrofanoff Catheter£84.88½ day
17.Antegrade Continence Enema£84.88½ day
18.Buccal Midazolam Management£84.88½ day


1.Understand your role£10.00
2.Your personal development£10.00
3.Duty of Care£10.00
4.Equality and diversity£10.00
5.Work in a person-centred way£10.00
7.Privacy and dignity£10.00
8.Fluids and nutrition£10.00
9.Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disability£10.00
10.Safeguarding Adults£10.00
11.Safeguarding Children (as per Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health 2014 guidelines)£10.00
12.Basic Life Support (as per current UK Resuscitation Council guidelines)£10.00
13.Health and Safety£10.00
14.Handling Information£10.00
15.Infection prevention and control£10.00

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