Business Consultation


We understand that it is always a challenge to start a new healthcare business in UK. The healthcare industry in UK is heavily regulated. As a new business, you need to make sure you start your business right.

  • We will work with you to set up your business. We will give you advise and resources to start your new Care Agency, Support Living, Domiciliary Care Agency, Care Employment Agency.
  • We will support you will all compliance issues. Human resources compliance, Safer recruitment guidance, CQC registration and Staff training. 

We hold your hand throughout the process


Our policies and procedures support new and existing Healthcare providers in UK to deliver the best outcomes for the people they support. We have the expertise to work with you until you get it right. Whether you are running a Home Care, Residential Care Home, Supported Living, Domiciliary Care Agency (DCA or Healthcare Employment Agency, we have the policies and procedures to meet with Care Quality Commission (CQC)


At Victory Training Academy, we recognise that no two organisations are the same. We work with you to produce documentation that will meet your particular needs. Our Policies and procedures are developed in line with your own business mission and vision and all our policies are regularly updated.

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Our highly experienced and qualified team who have been in the Health and social care industry since 2006 are there to help

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the common questions we are usually asked

  1. What area does your policies cover?

We cover regulated and unregulated activities within Health & Social Care, for all regulations and compliance. This includes policies and procedures for Domiciliary Care Agency, Supported Living, Semi-independent 16+, and Care employment agencies.

2. Do you customise your policies?

Yes we do. We will customise your policies to meet your needs. You will need to give us some information that we will use to customise your policies and procedures.

3. How do you send your policies?

We use a secure shared file that can be access by as many staff as you wish. We are also flexible to send them in any way that is convenient to you.

4. How do I keep an updated service on the policies?

We offer regular update service that covers changes in Compliance, Regulations and Law.

5. Can I share the policies?

The policies and procedures can only be shared by authorised people including your own staff team. You are not able to share with other providers who have not subscribed to our service. 

  • If I have my own Policies, can you review them for compliance?

Yes we can.